Many business owners and construction companies apply a break/fix model to paving. They wait for damage to occur and then make reactive repairs as the asphalt steadily deteriorates. At DC Construction Services, we take a fundamentally different approach. We treat your asphalt like the investment it is, championing pavement management and preventative maintenance to extend the life of your commercial parking lot. We want you to get the most bang for your buck. To do so, follow these tips for spending your paving budget effectively.

Waste of Funds

  • Break/Fix Solutions: If you wait until your parking lot has alligator cracks and severe potholes before attempting to crack fill or sealcoat, you are too late. This serious damage is a sign that your parking lot is already deteriorating on a structural level, leaving you with a costly resurfacing or repaving project on your hands. Instead, sealcoat every 2-3 years before signs of damage are visible. For more information, reference this blog post.
  • Out-of-Season Services: Some asphalt maintenance needs particular environmental conditions to be effective. For example, a fresh sealcoat requires a 24-hour curing process, during which temperatures must be at least 60℉, and there should be no precipitation during that time. Therefore, if a construction company agrees to sealcoat your parking lot during the fall or winter in Indiana, they are wasting your money and time. This blog post discussing these environmental issues more fully.
  • Unqualified & Inexperienced Construction Companies: When you pay for a service, you want that service done right. If a company improperly installs your parking lot in the first place, you will find yourself throwing good money after bad. Before hiring a construction company, ask for a portfolio of their work as well as references. Be wary of a price that seems to good to be true; it probably is. At DC Construction Services, we hate to see such dishonest practices. For examples of our professionalism and experience, click here.

Good Investments

  • Parking Lot Assessment: In any other aspect of your business, you would never spend money blindly without evaluating the situation. DC Construction Services offers parking lot assessments. Our qualified experts come out to your property and determine your parking lot’s immediate, intermediate and long-term needs. We then present you with an in-depth report so that you can plan maintenance services incrementally, prepare for those smaller costs in your budget plan and eliminate the guesswork and surprise expenses. For more information, reference this blog post.
  • Annual Maintenance Plan: Failing to regularly maintain your asphalt lot is essentially throwing away your money. Based on a parking lot assessment, DC Construction Services can create an annual maintenance plan for your business. This plan will minimize long-term damage to your lot, limit your liability due to safety hazards and keep your asphalt in prime condition with a predictable budget and reduced costs. Click here to learn more about our annual maintenance plans.
  • Preventative Maintenance Measures: Regular preventative maintenance preserves the life of your pavement. Without this maintenance, your asphalt will deteriorate, and you will find yourself in need of costly resurfacing or repaving services in a few years. Instead, invest your money in regular preventative maintenance treatments like crack filling, line striping and sealcoating. These are essential services for the health of your pavement and your budget. We discuss preventative maintenance in more detail here.

Drop the ineffective break/fix approach. Instead, invest your hard-earned money in proven practices that will preserve the integrity and longevity of your commercial parking lot. Contact DC Construction Services today to schedule an assessment or discuss a regular maintenance plan.