If you are a property management group or run commercial properties, then you understand how important it is to keep your asphalt in good condition. Your parking lots are often the first impression potential clients have of your property, so it’s imperative that they are presentable. After all, your company wants to put its best foot forward.
Appearance is just one reason to maintain concrete and asphalt surfaces. As a business owner, you have to uphold state code standards. At the same time, it’s important to keep parking lots as safe as possible so as to avoid potential injury.
Obviously, there are many compelling reasons to maintain a parking lot. If you want to keep your asphalt parking lot in good condition, here is a preventative maintenance program to implement.
Annual Maintenance
Part of your yearly routine should be to have your parking lot cleaned. Sealing cracks and joints
will prevent damage caused by standing water. Cracks greater than 3 inches will need to be patched; whereas those 1-3 inches could be filled with mastic repair.
5-Year Maintenance
Every 5 years, it is a good idea to sealcoat your parking lot. Sealing pavement prevents water from seeping into small voids, which can expand and contract in winter, causing damage.
10-Year Maintenance
After 10 years, we recommend a slurry seal. While it is similar to a sealcoat, a slurry seal also restores some asphalt thickness to areas that have worn away from heavy traffic areas. It also fills minor ruts.
15-Year Maintenance
Most likely, a 15-year old parking lot needs the same treatment as the 5-year maintenance.
20-Year Maintenance
Preventative maintenance at 20 years looks similar to that of 10. An overlay will be added to replace any worn surfaces or areas that show low-severity damage.
If your parking lots have faded, have potholes, or have cracks, Give DC Construction Services a call. We specialize in providing—and maintaining—functional, safe, and solid asphalt. Contact us today to set up a preventative maintenance program for your parking lots. After all, it’s a wise investment in your future.

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