Commercial parking lot maintenance is an incredibly important, but admittedly not always thrilling, topic. So we understand why many business owners may not want to think about maintenance before they absolutely have to. However, if some recent asphalt damage has suddenly reminded you to take care of your parking lot, it’s already too late.
Failing to regularly maintain your asphalt lot is akin to putting your money in the shredder and sitting back to wait for the personal injury lawsuits to role in. At DC Construction services, we’re not trying to overwhelm you with unnecessary services; we’re trying to protect your paving investment and to increase the longevity of your commercial parking lot—saving you money and trouble—with an annual maintenance plan. Let’s outline the benefits of a establishing a plan.
Minimizing Long-Term Damage
Preventative maintenance safeguards your commercial parking lot from potentially catastrophic future damage. Implementing regular treatments like sealcoating and crack filling significantly slows the deteriorating effects of water and other stressors. This, in turn, prevents cracks and potholes from spreading and compromising the structural integrity of your asphalt. By investing in annual preventative maintenance, you save yourself the hassle and expense of completely resurfacing or replacing your asphalt sooner than you would have otherwise had to do. Essentially, take care of the small problems to ward off future big problems.
Limiting Liability
Uneven surfaces, potholes and divots in your commercial parking lot present serious safety hazards for your customers—and you and your business are liable. An annual maintenance plan allows you to prevent these structural issues and repair any damage as soon as possible, keeping your customers safe. This preemptive action helps to protect you from potential costly personal injury and property damage lawsuits.
Predictable Budgets, Reduced Costs
Implementing an annual maintenance plan for your commercial parking lot is the budget-friendly way to go. With a maintenance plan, you’re choosing small predictable costs over huge surprise expenses. For one thing, regular maintenance extends the life of your asphalt, postponing more major expenses like resurfacing or repaving. For another, this approach allows you to plan your costs and budget for the future.
Nothing is totally predictable, but adopting an annual maintenance plan for your commercial parking lot is the best way to minimize surprises, protect your business and save money over time. Take care of your paving investment, and set up a consultation with DC Construction Services today.