Fill the Cracks in Your Parking Lot ASAP

Indiana experiences some extreme weather at times. From hot and humid summers to freezing cold winters. All of that change in temperature along with other factors like dirt, chemicals, and oil from cars and other heavy vehicles can negatively impact the surface of your parking lot. It’s easy to...

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Asphalt vs. Concrete: Environmental Impact

At DC Construction Services, we’ve written a few blog posts weighing the comparative merits of asphalt and concrete. You can read a broader overview of that debate here. In this post, however, we will be looking at a specific issue—environmental impact. When considering a paving project, which is the...

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Multi-use trails have become an essential part of urban living. Here in Indianapolis, we have the popular Monon Rail Trail, which intersects the city and stretches all the way to Westfield in the north. These facilities allow easy public access to green spaces and promote physical activity and alternative...

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Can You Put Asphalt Over Concrete?

Remember when you were young and you asked your teacher, “Can I go to the restroom?” Most likely, you got the reply, “I don’t know. CAN you?” We learn pretty early on that “can” is a tricky word. When I’m frequently asked, “Can I put asphalt over concrete?” I...

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Holiday Parking Lots: How To Stay Safe

‘Tis the season. The season for spending time with loved ones, for cheer and goodwill towards man. However, in one particular arena, holiday pressure can get the best of us, and all our goodwill goes out the window: the parking lot. Parking lots seem to embody all the negatives...

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When Should You Re-Stripe Your Commercial Parking Lot?

There’s nothing quite like the sleek look of yellow stripes on fresh black concrete. Unfortunately, those bright stripes will fade overtime. This fading creates not just an aesthetic concern but also a serious issue. Line striping in a commercial parking lot must be clear to prevent confusion and potential...

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Concrete Maintenance: How To Make Your Concrete Parking Lot Last

We’ve devoted several blog posts to the subject of asphalt maintenance, stressing the importance of a regular maintenance regimen. But what about concrete? Concrete is one of the most durable construction products available and requires far less maintenance than asphalt. However, if you have a concrete commercial parking lot,...

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Can You Really Cook an Egg on the Sidewalk?

We’ve all heard that favorite summer colloquialism: “It’s so hot you could cook an egg on the sidewalk!” During some of these August days that certainly seems possible, but have you ever tested the theory? Can you really cook an egg on the sidewalk? Is concrete able to conduct...

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Concrete Parking Lot VS Asphalt Parking Lot

When constructing or resurfacing a commercial parking lot, property managers and owners frequently ask whether they would be better off with an asphalt parking lot or a concrete parking lot. The answer is that it depends. When considering a concrete vs asphalt parking lot, you should consider cost, durability,...

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asphalt resurfacing

Parking Lot Resurfacing

As your parking lot ages, you may find you have cracks, potholes, drainage issues, faded coloring or stains, faded lines and markings, sinking-in, and crumbling edges. And you may have guessed that these issues are more serious than preventative maintenance can help. You may be wondering if you will...

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