We’ve devoted several blog posts to the subject of asphalt maintenance, stressing the importance of a regular maintenance regimen. But what about concrete? Concrete is one of the most durable construction products available and requires far less maintenance than asphalt. However, if you have a concrete commercial parking lot, there are a few ways to better preserve the material. Performing the following minimal maintenance steps will extend the life of your concrete — perhaps even up to 40 years.
Proper Installation
The first step to preserving the integrity of concrete is ensuring that it is properly installed. Like asphalt, concrete must be installed over a strong base. If the base is compromised in any way, it will be detrimental to the concrete and cause serious deterioration over time. If your concrete base is unsound, you should consider repaving your lot. Doing so will save you money and frustration in the long run.
Annual Cleaning
Oil, grease and other petroleum-based substances can damage the surface of concrete. While grime will not cause serious structural damage, these stains can worsen over time and become permanent. Cleaning your parking lot annually will ensure that your concrete looks beautiful, even as it ages. Clean concrete will last longer and create a better impression on your potential customers.
Annual Joint Sealing
Concrete expansion joints prevent the material from cracking as easily as asphalt. These joints allow the concrete to contract and expand with changing temperatures and stresses. Because of this, the concrete cracks in a controlled way without breaking down. These joints help eliminate the need for more serious maintenance. That said, the joints themselves must be regularly maintained. Left unsealed, water and dirt could penetrate the joints and damage the base of the concrete. To properly maintain your concrete parking lot, seal the expansion joints annually.
Repairing Cracks
As noted above, expansion joints prevent concrete surfaces from frequently severely cracking. However, over the years some cracking will occur. These cracks can allow water to penetrate the base of the concrete, causing serious damage; the cracks must be filled and sealed to avoid this damage. To preserve your concrete, perform this maintenance as needed — if and when the cracks occur.
Concrete certainly requires less maintenance than asphalt. Still, a regular (if less rigorous) maintenance plan is essentially for extending the life of your concrete as long as possible. Performing these few simple tasks will preserve your concrete for decades. To set up a regular maintenance plan for your concrete parking lot, contact DC Construction services today.

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