Indiana experiences some extreme weather at times. From hot and humid summers to freezing cold winters. All of that change in temperature along with other factors like dirt, chemicals, and oil from cars and other heavy vehicles can negatively impact the surface of your parking lot. It’s easy to ignore a small crack when it first appears, but it’s smart not to. If you want your parking lot to last, and you want to save money, you’d better take the time to fill the cracks in your parking lot.


What Cracks Do You Need to Watch For?

Walk around any parking lot and you’re bound to find some tiny cracks somewhere. Not every little crack is of major concern. The level of concern depends on the type of crack and its size. There are multiple types of cracks out there, and at DC Construction Services, we’ve seen them all. Instead of discussing each type of crack in length, we’ll just give you a basic rule to go by. If the crack is by itself and measures anywhere from a quarter inch to a whole inch in width, then you should reach for the phone and call to have it sealed.

Cracks Will Only Get Worse if Left Untreated

You might be thinking that those cracks in your parking lot don’t look that bad and that you can just leave them for later. After all, they’ll still be there tomorrow, next week, or even in three months, right? Yep, they will, but they could be a lot bigger. If you leave those cracks untreated, you may find it’s not such an easy fix a few months down the road. Parking lot damage happens over time. However, neglecting to handle issues can cause significant problems, and the escalation of those problems tends to sneak up on you. Handle any issues before they get worse.

Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money

If you choose to leave those cracks until a later date, they could cost a lot more to fix. Instead of spending a few hundred dollars to seal up a few cracks, you could end up spending several thousand dollars. Moral of the story? Don’t wait. Seal up those cracks as soon as you notice them.
Have you noticed a crack or two in your parking lot that look troubling? Contact DC Construction Services today. We’d be happy to answer any questions, offer our professional opinion, and fix your lot ASAP.