April showers bring May flowers; however, spring rain may have additional, adverse consequences for your asphalt parking lot. In a previous blog post, we discussed how the freeze-thaw cycle leads to cracks and damaged asphalt in the winter. However, precipitation in the warmer months, as harmless as it may seem, can lead to damage too.
Overtime, asphalt may shift and depress, forming concave areas or “bowls.” With continuous rain, water collects and puddles those bowls. This standing water penetrates the asphalt and oxidizes and debonds the the aggregate and binder. The effects of this are worsened if any oil or gasoline is on the asphalt. This weakening and deterioration can lead to cracks and serious future damage.
Proper Drainage
In order to avoid costly damage, you must to eliminate these areas of standing water. It is likely that the catch basins in your commercial parking lot are ineffectively placed, clogged or damaged in some way. You may need to repair an existing catch basin or add a new one to drain the standing water. For more information on catch basin care, click here.
It is possible that the depressions in your asphalt parking lot may be too significant for a catch basin fix. In that case, you may need to fill in the “bowls,” even out the surface or undergo a more substantial resurfacing project.
In addition to resolving any drainage issues, you should perform regular asphalt maintenance—filling any cracks or potholes. Most significantly, you should have your commercial parking lot sealcoated regularly, every 3-5 years at a minimum. This treatment helps to protect your asphalt from water penetration and the resulting deterioration as well as other harmful environment and chemical factors.
If, during these recent spring showers, you have noticed that your commercial parking lot experiences standing water and puddling in areas, address the problem before it worsens. Contact DC Construction Services today. We would be happy to offer a consultation, adjust your drainage system, make repairs, sealcoat your lot or help in any other way we can to preserve your investment.