If you oversee commercial properties or are a property manager, then you are keenly aware how imperative it is to maintain your parking lots. Not only do you need them to be safe, you want them to give a good first impression to your clients.
One of the quickest ways to annoy drivers in parking lots is to not fix potholes.In addition to being annoying to hit, they can cause damage to vehicles. If you oversee properties with parking lots and want to try to fix them yourself, here are 5 pothole repair methods that can offer you a smoother future.
Before you begin, here’s what you need: Asphaltic patch materials (a binder and aggregate)
Throw-and-roll pothole repair
Perhaps the most basic pothole repair method, the throw-and-roll is a just a temporary fix for your potholes. Put the asphaltic patch materials in the hole and drive over it with a heavy vehicle for compaction. Because this method is not long lasting, we recommend only using it when absolutely necessary.
Edge seal pothole repair
This repair starts with the throw-and-roll but takes one additional step by putting asphaltic tack material around the edge. (It’s important to overlap the pavement and the patch.) From there, put sand on the material so that vehicles don’t track it with their tires.
Semi-permanent pothole repair
This method is considered one of the best, even though the name suggests otherwise. This repair begins by removing debris and water from the pothole. Cut along the sides of the pothole, trimming it back so that the new hole is in sound pavement. Put the patch mix in it and compact it with a vibratory roller or plate.
Spray-injection pothole repair
The spray-injection pothole repair is similar to the semi-permanent method, but it does require some specialized equipment. Begin by removing water and debris from the hole, then spray the sides and floor with a tack coat of binder. When that is complete, blow asphalt and aggregate in the hole and cover the patched area with an aggregate layer.  
Full-depth roadway pothole replacement
Ultimately, this is the best way to fix potholes, but it is also the most complex and should be done by a professional. This repair combines worn out asphalt with old asphalt that is pulverized, mixed with cement and water, then compacted. This makes a base for a concrete or asphalt surface.
Do you want to fix your potholes once and for all? Call in the experts! If your parking lot needs some attention, contact DC Construction Services today. We have been taking care of surfacing and construction needs in the Indianapolis area for the last 20+ years.