Potholes are particularly common in the winter months, and sometimes it seems like the same ones return annually. Water seeps into cracks in asphalt; then when that water goes through freeze-thaw cycles, it causes structural damage and can result in a pothole. When the same potholes seem to come back every year, though, that is the result of a shoddy repair job. The following are six steps for patching a pothole in order to ensure a long repair life.
Set Up Traffic Control Measures
The first step is to take the appropriate safety measures. Depending on the level of traffic, you may need to use signing, flaggers or other measures to protect the repair crew.
Mark the Area
Mark the area that will be removed using chalk or paint. This area should be a straight-sided rectangle or polygon and include at least a foot of the sound pavement surrounding the hole.
Prepare the Hole
Remove any damaged or deteriorated pavement material from the hole. Clean the hole of dirt and debris. Dry the hole with air or heat to eliminate moisture, and insure that there are no cracks in the hole.
Apply Tack
Just before filling, apply tack to the sides and bottom of the hole. This improves adhesion between the older asphalt and the new filling material.
Fill the Hole
Fill the hole with layers of hot mix asphalt (HMA). Each layer should be about four inches deep and compacted before adding the next. Compacting helps prevent disintegration and water penetration. Extend the final, uncompacted layer in a slight lift above the surrounding pavement.
Seal the Sides
Finally, seal the edges of the patch to prevent water penetration.
If you find yourself paying to have potholes repaired year after year, someone is probably botching the patch job. DC Construction repairs asphalt to last. Contact us to fill the potholes in your commercial lot.

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