Indianapolis is a thriving, growing hub of the Midwest. As a result, Indy’s vibrant metropolis is the center for countless exciting events. Crowds are drawn downtown for thrilling sports games and enjoyable concerts and shows. If you are a part of those crowds, you are in for a good time… as soon as you figure out where to park. Parking is doubtless the most stressful aspect of any outing. You can find yourself circling streets for hours in a shouting match with your co-pilot, searching for the cheapest and most convenient parking. Save yourself the time, gas, money, conflict and stress. We’ve provided you with the following brief guide for where to park when attending an event in Indy.
Colts Game
Event Location: Lucas Oil Stadium, 500 S Capitol Ave
Where to Park: If you are someone who likes to be especially prepared, Lucas Oil Stadium offers a service where you can book a parking space in advance, in participating local lots or garages. Prices for this can range from $6-$20 depending on the demand and proximity. The benefit to this is that you will know exactly where you are going and how much you are paying ahead of time. Otherwise there are several nearby parking lots and garages for you to choose from. The most conveniently priced is the LAZ Parking Lot located at 31 E South Street. Be sure to arrive early to beat the crowd. If the surrounding lots are full, try the Circle Center Garage at 48 W Georgia Street. Their Colts event rate is $20; however, if you spend $20 or more at a mall merchant you will receive their regular rate. If it’s a Sunday game, don’t forget that metered parking is free. Try to arrive especially early to find a conveniently close, metered space.
Pacers Game
Event Location: Bankers Life Fieldhouse, 125 S Pennsylvania St
Where to Park: As with Colts events at Lucas Oil, you have the option to book a space in advance with participating lots and garages. If you’d like to know exactly where you’re going on game day, this is a great option. Otherwise, the most convenient place to park is the Virginia Avenue Parking Garage that connects to the stadium via a walkway over Delaware Street. The rate for the day is typically $12, and you can get a deal if you ask for the roof rate. The ABM-Cityway Car Park at 340 S Alabama Street is also typically conveniently priced. If you can find a metered spot that’s not too far away, that could help your budget as well.
Indians Game
Event Location: Victory Field, 501 W Maryland St
Where to Park: Again, if you’re a planner, book your spot in advance. Otherwise you can take advantage of the many parking options surrounding the field. The White River State Parking Lot at 596 W Washington Street is typically the cheapest and most convenient option. For weekday afternoon games, you can park inside Lucas Oil Stadium’s Gate 1 for a reasonable rate and take a shuttle to the game. If you’d like to get a bite downtown before the game, you can take advantage of some of the downtown parking garage’s evening rates and then walk to the field.
Indy Eleven Game
Event Location: IU Michael A. Carroll Track & Soccer Stadium, 1001 W New York St
Where to Park: If you’re looking to catch a match hosted by Indy’s soccer club, you can take advantage of the parking options on IUPUI’s campus. The IUPUI Visitor Parking Lot on 100 Ohio Street is directly across from the stadium and offers a convenient event rate. Just nearby, at 250 Wabash Street, there is also the IUPUI Riverwalk Garage. If those options are at capacity, the IUPUI Vermont Garage at 1068 W Vermont Street is your next best bet.
Old National Centre
Event Location: 502 N New Jersey St
Where to Park: The Old National Centre is a popular venue for live music and the perfect place to catch a great concert in Indy. The Centre is located just off Mass Ave, where there are abundant opportunities for metered street parking. You can enjoy dinner and/or drinks on Mass Ave before the show and then stroll on over to the venue. Otherwise, the NEWPOINT Athenaeum outdoor lot, at 445 E Michigan Street, is the most conveniently situated and priced parking option. The JMS Roberts Park outdoor lot, at 408-412 N Alabama Street, is a reasonable alternative as well.
White River State Park
Event Location: 801 W Washington St
Where to Park: Whether you’ve come to enjoy a concert or show on the Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn, to find the best vantage point for a fireworks display or simply to enjoy a night on the canal, White River State Park is a beautiful outdoor venue. The park itself hosts an outdoor lot, at 596 W Washington Street, and an indoor garage, at 14 N California Street. The IUPUI Riverwalk Garage at 250 Wabash Street is also conveniently located. Additionally, you can find ample metered street parking along N West Street, W Ohio Street and W New York Street.

* Short disclaimer: The rates for these locations may be subject to change given certain events or times. However, their relative, comparative costs should remain chiefly the same.
Hopefully, this short guide helps you find convenient parking. No matter what event you are attending or which venue you are visiting, remember to be safe, give yourself plenty of time and enjoy every minute you spend in beautiful, downtown Indianapolis.

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