Indianapolis Parking Garage Art Installation

With the current resurgence of urban living, design plays an ever-important role. The key to making cities like Indianapolis desirable hubs is finding the tricky balance between utility and livability. Perhaps surprisingly, the Eskenazi Hospital parking garage, located near the downtown IUPUI campus and White River State Park, presents the perfect example of that balance.


The parking structure, of course, served an important functional purpose but was otherwise pretty unexciting. Then, in 2014, the hospital approached Urbana Studio—a Los Angeles-based architecture and design firm—to design an interactive facade for the garage. Together, the Eskenazi Hospital and Rob Ley, principal of Urbana Studio, found a unique way to bring some urban beauty to a traditionally “ugly” structure.


If you haven’t yet stumbled upon the end result while walking or driving through downtown, you can view extensive photos and a full video here. The impressive, 1300-square-foot installation, titled May-September, is made up of bright gold and deep blue aluminum panels. These panels create a mesmerizing, camouflage-like optical illusion as passersby walk or drive by The facade appears to shift and morph from gold to blue, while actually remaining still. The effect is stunning. It adds interest to the downtown Indianapolis landscape and demonstrates how innovative urban design can marry functionality and beauty.


Indianapolis isn’t the only city using parking garages as canvases for public art. The Arts Council of Durham, North Carolina recently commissioned an art wrap for the Corcoran Street parking garage from artist, Olalekan Jeyifous, also known as LEk. In Miami this year, four different design firms—overseen by Craig Robins of Design District and Terrence Riley of K/R—were commissioned to create different artistic facades of the parking structure Museum Garage. Each firm worked independently and blindly of the others, designing just one wall of the structure. The results are surreally spectacular: metallic cars interlocking in a traffic jam, orange traffic barricades and concrete planters, fiber resin black-and-white cartoons and a giant “Miami pink” ant farm. Check it out here.


Looking for more uniquely designed parking garages? Reference our previous blog post. However, these remarkable structures aren’t the only garages worthy of attention. Whether or not your parking structure is a work of art, it should look its best. Contact DC Construction Services for all your parking garage and lot needs. With expertise and skill, we can help maintain the integrity, utility and beauty of your parking structure.