Recently, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s president, J. Douglas Bowles, posted a core sample of the track’s surface. The track has seen several major repavings and resurfacings over the many years, and this sample impressively shows those off. The timeline of work, spanning over 100 years, is remarkable to see and definitely worth checking out here.

  • 1909 — Original surface: a mixture of creek gravel, limestone, taroid and stone dust
  • 1909 — Street paving bricks laid onto sand and “fixed” with Portland cement
  • 1961 — Layer of asphalt, leaving a strip of brick paving at the start/finish line
  • 1976 — Entire oval resurfaced with asphalt; first resurfacing since 1909
  • 1988 — Entire oval resurfaced
  • 1995 — Entire oval resurfaced following the removal of 5 inches
  • 2002 — Entire surface, including bricks, made smoother through “diamond grinding”
  • 2005 — Entire oval resurfaced following the removal of 2.5 inches

Looking at the core sample of this historic track is like the industrial version of counting the rings in tree trunk. You’d be hard-pressed to find a parking lot with such history. However, if your commercial lot is in need of repaving or resurfacing, don’t hesitate to add a new layer to it’s timeline: contact DC Construction Services today.