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When we are consulting with a company, they will oftentimes ask, “How thick is parking lot asphalt?” Several factors go into that answer, so let’s take a look at how we determine parking lot thickness, which begins by understanding the layers used to comprise asphalt.
Layers of Asphalt
Asphalt is comprised of several layers of different materials. Most parking lots are built with a foundation of native substrate soils, which vary in thickness. On top of that, a densely-graded aggregate, which provides load-carrying structure, is placed, usually around 4 to 6 inches deep. After the soil and aggregate layers, 2+ layers of asphalt pavement are added (a minimum of 2.5 inches). Finally, the asphalt surface layer is placed, which is typically 1 to 1.5 inches.
That being said, those numbers are averages. Actual asphalt thickness is largely determined by the quality of the underlying soil and the volume and composition of expected traffic.
Soil Data
Data collected about the soil plays an important role in asphalt thickness. Most of the time, subgrade material will be rock or soils, which needs to be carefully understood before designing pavement. Consistency, quality, and moisture conditions all play a factor in rating the substrate. Is it considered good, moderate, or poor? The poorer the classification (based on how the soil will perform when loaded), the stronger and thicker the base of asphalt will need to be.
Traffic Volume and Composition
Asphalt thickness is also based on the volume and type of traffic that is expected to use the facility. Will the area have light, moderate, or heavy traffic? What type of vehicles are expected to use the area? Areas frequently used by trucks (like dumpster sites or loading areas) will require thicker pavement to accommodate the heavier vehicles. Whereas, an average residential driveway likely won’t need the same adjustments.
Because you want your parking lot to be long-lasting, DC Construction Services considers all of these factors when determining asphalt thickness. Are you curious about the thickness of asphalt your parking lot would need? If so, give DC Construction Services a call today. We’ll gladly provide you with a complimentary quote for your project.