When it comes to extending the life of your asphalt pavement, proper installation, regular maintenance and appropriate repairs are key. You don’t want your investment to deteriorate in a few years with potholes and alligator cracks. DC Construction Services provides expert care and maintenance to ensure that your pavement, residential or commercial, lasts. The following are 6 important ways to protect your new asphalt investment.
Vehicle Traffic
Newly laid asphalt requires at least 24 hours to cure, even longer in hotter temperatures. Keep traffic off the new asphalt for 3 full days to effectively protect your new investment. Even after that curing period the asphalt will remain pliable for 8-12 months.
Prevent Early Damage
Because the asphalt remains pliable for 8-12 months, try to distribute traffic evenly over this asphalt to prevent scuffing and depressions. If possible, place boards between the asphalt and bicycle and motorcycle kickstands. Avoid turning the steering wheel in an unmoving vehicle—this creates “power steering marks.”
Water Your Asphalt
New asphalt softens as temperatures rise. During those warmer hours, water your new driveway or commercial parking lot with a hose in order to help cure and harden it.
Support the Edges of the Pavement
The edges of the new pavement are the most vulnerable to damage. Support the edges of a residential driveway with topsoil, and protect the edges of a commercial parking lot with a curb. Avoid driving on those areas as much as possible.
Gasoline, Motor Oil and Fluid Spills
If fluids such as gasoline, motor oil or antifreeze spill onto your pavement, they will dissolve the liquid asphalt. Repair any holes immediately using a cold-patch method to prevent further damage.
Sealcoat your asphalt 6-12 months after the initial pavement. This sealcoating process prevents water and other harmful elements from penetrating the asphalt’s porous surface.
DC Construction Services can create a targeted maintenance plan to preserve your asphalt pavement as long as possible. Contact us today to begin caring for your investment.