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Project Description

  • Client: Lowe’s Indianapolis
  • Nature of Project: Striping
  • Problem: Customers were parking in the loading zone because they could not see the markings
  • Solution: Repaint lot to clarify parking areas and loading zone areas
  • Recommended Maintenance: Repaint everything every 2-3 years.

Lowe’s in Indianapolis, IN, was experiencing some problems with their line striping. Customers were parking in the loading zone, the area reserved for loading materials only. Because the paint was so faded, customers were unaware of this, causing an inconvenience and hindrance to the loading process. Moreover, the safety of both customers and employees was compromised.

Faded line striping in commercial lots leads to confusion and potential accidents. To solve this problem, DC Construction Services repainted the entire area to make clear to customers that this is a loading zone only. We recommended a maintenance plan of repainting every 2-3 years to prevent future problems.

By repainting and clarifying the line striping, DC Construction ensured the proper functioning of the commercial lot, and Lowe’s demonstrated their commitment to the safety of their customers.