Asphalt Paving

DC Construction offers a full range of asphalt services for any project — whether it’s a parking lot, road, airport runway or bike and running trail. We specialize in paving, seal coating, crack filling and line striping, and we provide well-planned maintenance programs to sustain the asphalt and eliminate unnecessary repair costs. No matter the scale of the project, DC Construction can improve the aesthetics and safety of your asphalt while protecting you from unnecessary costs.

If you are sick of looking at your asphalt lot and knowing it’s affecting business, worried about violating code and need to quickly improve standards or simply frustrated with constant complaints about your lot, consider building a strong partnership with DC Construction Services. Centrally located in Indianapolis, we offer comprehensive construction solutions for businesses in Indiana and the Midwest as well as throughout the nation.

Commercial Asphalt Paving

Asphalt pavement is a versatile and effective solution for sustaining vehicular and foot traffic. There are many advantages to using asphalt pavement:

  • Cost-Effectiveness – Asphalt pavement has the lowest initial cost and life-cycle cost when compared to alternative pavement products.
  • Constructability/Speed of Construction – Asphalt pavements can be quickly constructed and are often ready to sustain traffic as early as the day of construction, minimizing user delay.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – Asphalt pavement is the smoothest pavement material.
  • Versatility – Asphalt pavement can be tailored to the specific design needs of the project.
  • Noise Reduction – Asphalt is one of the quietest paving materials available and reduces traffic noise.
  • Safety – Because of color contrast and surface quality, asphalt is one of the safest materials to use for paving.
  • Durability – With improved design strategies and construction techniques, asphalt pavement can be designed to last up to 40 years.
  • Sustainability – Asphalt pavement is 100% recyclable.

Asphalt has a variety of commercial applications and is ideal for the following (and much more):

  • Parking lots
  • Roads
  • Airport runways and taxiways
  • Recreational trails for biking and running

Based in Indianapolis but servicing nationwide, DC Construction Services can help take care of all of your asphalt paving needs.

Asphalt Services For:

Airport Runways and Taxiways
Bike & Running Trails
Parking Lots

Worried about the condition of your parking lot negatively affecting your business?