Kitley needed to restore their loading dock. For this industrial project, DC Construction removed the existing asphalt. Concrete was used for the footer, walls, and ramp area. The end result was a safe and functional loading dock slab.

1. Remove existing asphalt / concrete for dock installation.

2. Excavate the perimeter of base material to a minimum depth of 24″ and a width of 18″.

3. Install concrete footer around perimeter of ramp area.

4. Form 2 concrete walls parallel to building to allow for a total width of 12″.

5. Install rebar reinforcement to previously formed walls.

6. Install 4,000 psi concrete for dock walls.

7. Backfill ramp area to allow for 6″ concrete slab installation.

8. Install metal anchors to building and previously installed walls.

9. Install 6″ of 4,000 psi concrete with broom finish for loading dock slab.