Chicago, IL Asphalt Filling – Lowes

Location: Chicago, IL

Problem: The parking lot was beginning to fail, and large pockets of asphalt were breaking up.

Solution: We performed a 2″ mill-and-overlay to prevent future cracking.

Maintenance: Sealcoat over new asphalt 4-5 years after initial paving to keep the parking lot looking new.

This Lowe’s parking lot in Chicago, IL was beginning to fail. The lot was exhibiting severe deterioration and serious cracking had led to large pockets of asphalt breaking up. The damage was not only an aesthetic deterrent, but also a safety and legal hazard. Lowe’s called in DC Construction Services to repair the damage and help protect their investment.

We used a mill-and-overlay pavement preservation technique, removing a 2″ layer of the damaged surface in order to provide a new, smooth surface overtop. This process repaired the problematic areas and will help to prevent future cracking in the lot. We recommended a maintenance plan of sealcoating over the new asphalt 4-5 years after this initial paving process. This will help extend the life of the pavement and to keep the Lowe’s parking lot looking new and inviting.