Believe it or not, spring is finally (almost) here. We know that snowstorms in March are not unheard of—particularly in Indiana—but that very last thaw should be upon us soon. As the last of the winter mix melts away, it’s important to assess the state of your commercial parking lot. Winter tends to wreak havoc on asphalt. With the continuous ice and snow of the winter months, it can be difficult to fully examine your lot, and many repairs would be futile or impossible with another winter storm on the horizon. This beginning of spring is the perfect time to inspect your commercial parking lot, inventory the damage and move forward with a targeted maintenance plan. The following are 4 common issues to look out for when evaluating your commercial lot post-winter.
Check Pre-Existing Cracks
If you didn’t seal the cracks in your parking lot before the winter weather struck, those cracks may have expanded over the past few months. Water seeps in through the cracks toward the sub-base, and then during the freeze/thaw cycles of the winter, that water expands, widening the cracks. Check those cracks to assess the damage, make repairs and avoid more costly future damage.
Look for New Potholes and Divots
This same water expansion or snow plow damage may have created new potholes or divots in your commercial lot. These potholes and divots can be difficult to detect under snow and ice. You should have these patched, filled and sealed as soon as possible to protect your customers. For more information on how to repair potholes, check our recent blog post on the topic.
Evaluate Surface Evenness
An uneven and irregular paved commercial parking lot presents serious potential for accidents and injury. Avoid costly liabilities and restore the evenness of your asphalt surface by removing and replacing damaged asphalt and patching or grinding down certain surface areas.
Catch Basin Placement and Repairs
Has your commercial parking lot been experiencing ponding or standing water? During the winter months, that standing water can freeze over, creating a seriously dangerous environment for your customers. Worse still, that water exacerbates any existing damage to your asphalt. The root of the problem is likely a catch basin issue. Your catch basin may simply need to be cleaned or it may require structural repairs, replacement or relocation. Reference this blog post for all of your catch basin needs.
Take early and preventative action in these post-winter months. Schedule a consultation with DC Construction Services today. Our experienced experts can inspect and assess the state of your commercial lot and implement a maintenance plan to resolve these issues and get your lot in shape for the spring and summer!